[ExI] abandoning hope

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 01:12:30 UTC 2007

> Oh man, I am such a geezer, I feel like a veritable Luddite.  I never even
> owned a cell phone until 2006 when the baby was on the way and to this day I
> am embarrassed to confess I have never even held a blackberry in my aging
> hands.  And now that cell phone (which made me feel temporarily like a
> techno-hipster) is already called by the young hipsters such as the
> Griggmeister a "non-blackberry cell phone."  I don't even know how one sends
> a message with such a device other than to actually speak into it.  I might
> as well just go right on down to Alcor, hand them a credit card and climb
> into the dewar.
> spike

I've never used a blackberry either. Are these the kinds of things
that tech savvy people use? Or more for the suits? Personally, I find
when I want more than the level of phone functionality, I'm reaching
for my notebook (with 3g connection).



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