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>> ...video poker and video slot machines?  ...
>> ... I confidently predicted that no one would play them, because it hands the
>> software maker arbitrary power to cheat.  I was wrong, proles play video gambling like crazy.

>...Somebody else worries about ensuring the games are fair...  Mike 
Here is where I was going with the comment: in the 1100 game I proposed earlier, assume we came up with a means of defeating the 1000-ticket buyers, such as offering a randomly selected 3 digit number, then the machine offers only a buy or no buy decision.  Now assume the machines do not have an intentional "feature" in the code which would favor a couple hundred previously selected numbers, and assume the ticket sales machines do not communicate with each other or do any funny business.
Under those circumstances, a group could still get together and defeat that game, and even make a profit (as a group) if carried to an extreme.  Imagine 20 players get together and each selects or is assigned a unique number between 0 and 19.  Now when the game starts, each goes to a machine and asks for a deal-or-no-deal number.  If that number, when divided by 20, gives a remainder matching each prole's assigned number, then the decision is deal, otherwise no deal.  If the number matches a number already held by that prole, it would also be a no-deal.  It would take some patience and discipline, but such a system would increase the chances that someone in the group would get a payoff, for it would more evenly distribute the purchases.
If something like that were taking place, the outcome of the game would likely still be profitable to the lotto maker, but anomalously, the profit would be slightly lower than theory would predict.  The mathematical expectation of the group of 20 would be higher than a mathematical expectation of 57 cents per dollar invested.  
If the game is modified to where one inserts the money and then is given a randomly generated number, then the game comes out as I calculated, but greatly reduces the incentive to play, for it hands the lotto maker an open invitation to cheat.  But video slots have that feature, and the proles still play.  I don't get that.

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