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I'm worried about how much suffering will be inflicted in the name of "zero suffering." Amon is, after all, talking about using coercion to get his plan in place. To me, that means suffering, so it seems to back in suffering. It's almost like saying we'll have total freedom after we build and all of us live in a panopticon.

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Nice site and I love the graphics. But I am not too fond of zero suffering.  In fact, I don't mind a little headache every now and then and actually I like a solid mental or physical struggle to overcome.  The notion of a zero suffering reminds me of the notion of "perfection", which is something I find little value in because once perfection is reached, there is no further aim/goal.  The very act of perfection, in and of itself, lacks praxis. I wonder if the same could be said of "zero suffering".  If it is a "transhuman praxis" you are fostering (and the transhuman praxis is what I personally value above all else), then it must not have zero suffering in order to be a viable praxis.

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