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Samantha, was that post written by a liber-bot?  An argument is *not*
regurgitated contradiction...

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On 08/17/2011 09:09 AM, Amon Zero wrote:
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You are still repeating several notions that I and others have made sound or
at least credible arguments against.  This is disappointing.  Short version:

1) Abolishing all involuntary suffering is a bogus goal as any negative
feedback can be experienced as suffering or any less than preferred outcomes

2) No central committee equivalent, whether technocratic and meritocratic or
not, can possibly respond better and as quickly to all conditions as
localized talents of perhaps equal competency.  So this is a rehash of
central state being better memes with insufficient justification.

3) No money means no fungible value tokens and thus no sophisticated traded
of goods and services and no means to vote with said tokens for what uses of
resources are more or less desirable.  This issue does not go away just
because you have MNT and/or AGI.

4) There is nothing wrong with debt or other risk trading per se only with
abusive forms and instruments.

5) Constraining business to the will of society is constraining the
productive (producing more value than consumed in doing so) to the whims of
a mythical ill-defined mob called "society".  It has nothing to do with a
truly "new" century.

6) Free markets are not in the least what caused the current economic
crisis.  Acting as if they are shows a singular lack of understanding and a
dangerous one embedded in a supposed policy document.  It is government that
much change, not capitalism / free markets.  The embedded screed against
capitalism is uncalled for.

7) The notion that someone needs to be in charge is the largest root of all
evil that you seem to embrace.

Before you form a meaningful movement toward a better future you need a much
much clearer understanding of where we are, how things work, and most
especially a reasonably coherent set of ethical and epistemological building
blocks the rest is grounded upon.  What you list here is a hodgepodge of
opinions and rather commonplace assumptions and prejudices.  It will not do.

- samantha

 All the Best,

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