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>.  In the real world, we all have access to externalized knowledge.  The
test is designed to show how effectively the technician can access that
external knowledge pool out there on the internet.  All suggestions welcome.



Something cool: Wondershare Quiz Creator lets you imbed photos and video in
your quiz.  That in itself allows a geek to write a test which nearly any
geek would get immediately, but any non-geek could tap away on the internet
for a week and come up blank.  For instance, a good mechanical technician's
question would be


1.        What is this person doing?



The answer would not be multiple choice, because that would make it too
easy.  The answer would be typed in on the keyboard: he or she is adjusting


Are there any mechanical geeks here who missed that one?  


What I am toying with now is using one of Thune's techniques to have a
scaled score.  For instance, if the word "valve" or "valves" does not appear
in the answer, I see no way to award any points.  But there should be a way
to give a little more credit if the geek answered "Adjusting valve lash."
Even more if the response is "Adjusting exhaust valve lash, which you know
is the exhaust valve because of discoloration."   Even more if the response
is "Adjusting valve lash on one of the old BMW  air cooled boxer twin
motorcycles, which you know was built before 1993 because of the way those
pushrods come in on the under-side of the cylinder."  Then of course you
need to figure out ways to keep giving more credit if the geek can add
comments such as, ".and the person in the photo needs to use a torque wrench
unless he or she has done about a hundred of these things, otherwise he or
she could undertorque that locknut and it can come loose, in which case he
or she must start all over, and that's the best case because if the locknut
does come loose, often the valve lash closes instead of opens because of the
way that head is designed, so the valve will fail to seat and it will burn
the valve and it's goodbye for about a hundred clams to the krauts for a new
one, dammit."


So now the test taker must figure out a way to write software to read the
answers and assign a point value.


All suggestions welcome, about tests, not exhaust valves or German



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