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>.Is that four-computer two-Skype notion a new idea?  If so, I donate it
into the public domain and invite any proles present with two computers who
want to test the notion, since I have two computers (actually five, but two
that can be dedicated to this kind of constructive silliness.)  We can do
something that doesn't require a motorcycle too.spike


Before we do that however, we need to collect some ideas.  That Suzuki
cavalcade repair notion isn't generally applicable, since there are only a
few hundred of those bikes left in the world today.  What are some tasks we
could use to test the 4C2S notion?  I thought of one based on an idea
Natasha mentioned a few years ago: a sex coach.  That idea really made me
laugh, because of a sports coach I had in high school, for cross country.  I
am trying to imagine him coaching a couple thru the process, that would be a
hoot!  But think about it: suppose you had a couple who were too shy to have
some yahoo in their bedroom instructing on how to do it.  Wouldn't it be OK
to have someone in some other state or better yet some other continent, who
doesn't know you, who really knows what he or she is doing, giving you
instructions realtime?  I just wouldn't want my cross country coach anywhere
near my nekkidness or my bride's.


What other ideas?  Cooking?  (Not the bedroom kind, the kitchen kind,
involving food.)  Building things?  Home repair?  What else?



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