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Wed Apr 10 18:14:09 UTC 2013

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:00 AM, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

> Before we do that however, we need to collect some ideas.  That Suzuki
> cavalcade repair notion isn’t generally applicable, since there are only a
> few hundred of those bikes left in the world today.

Tch.  You think bike repair shops get by fixing only one type of bike?
Any remote mechanic solution would have to apply to at least as
many different types of vehicles as a typical auto mechanic's shop.

One idea I tried to do with a previous startup, was remote hazmat
or dangerous-situation guidance.  These days it's largely been
surpassed by human-driven robots - same idea, with a more
expendable front end.  That said, this approach to telemedicine
has been a hit - if you can find doctors or hospitals who both have
money and work with poor rural patients.  (And can outcompete
the people already doing it.)

>  Cooking?  (Not the bedroom kind, the kitchen kind, involving food.)

Careful.  Certain people may assume you're just being kinky there.

Anyway, this is part of why the FAA is finally getting around to
regulating civilian drones: a lot of people are starting to realize
the benefits of a "central intelligence, remote worker" setup.  I
believe you work for a certain company which might be interested
if you come up with hugely profitable applications of this?
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