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> I still haven’t seen how the Skunk Works’ notion is any improvement over a
> tokamak.

### Inherent stability of a spheromak allows much higher beta than in a
tokamak, and they claim they solved the plasma leak problem that previously
stopped spheromak development using mirror fields and recirculation, they
say. Look at the patent application pictures - what do you think?

Circulating FLiBe or PbLi could be contained by a thin, otherwise
non-load-bearing outer shell made probably of steel. The magnets would be
held by a high-strength steel tube - but this tube would almost completely
protected from high-energy neutrons, high temperature (molten lead is not
that hot), only exposed to thermal neutrons. You would recirculate the lead
as coolant, and every few weeks or months you might have to drain it, open
the chamber, replace the outer shell parts and possibly chamber lining,
refill lead, and keep going. As long as your magnets and structural parts
are protected, the consumable cost should be manageable.

There would be some place for robot development for automated chamber

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