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> There should be literature on this from the tokamak.  They have been
> dealing with this problem since the 1960s, or rather as long as they have
> been able to sustain a reaction.  When was that?  There should be a ton of
> data on that somewhere.

### The tokamak is such a piss-poor source of neutrons (it hardly ever
works anyway) they never had to seriously work on the chamber lining - as
far as I know, they started designing the chamber without having in hand an
actual lining material, assuming they can deal with it later, which with
tokamaks is not unreasonable - the tokamak is always 20 years in the

On the other hand, there is a lot of data from fission reactors, where
millions of fuel rods have been exposed to combined millions of years of
high neutron fluxes. It's clear that you can design structural materials
capable of surviving high thermal neutron environments for years. Neutron
irradiation is definitely an economic burden but AFAIK not a showstopper.

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