[ExI] IoT futurists' predictions - not bad

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 00:20:12 UTC 2016

On 6 December 2016 at 21:28, spike  wrote:
> I have a checking account that can be accessed, but I don't carry a high
> balance in there, couple thousand, average, send paychecks over to it, pay
> bills out of it electronically.  So that would manage my risk, ja?  I have
> those new video security cameras on my house, four of them, and a security
> system, so a break-in is unlikely, even if I am away from home for a while.
> If I decide nothing else in my life needs to be private, there are big
> advantages, plenty of them.
> We can easily imagine a class of people who are perfectly OK with the whole
> world knowing our current location, our habits, spending and otherwise, with
> visuals if they want them.  We see plenty of people over on FaceBook
> intentionally telling the world way more than we want to know about their
> personal affairs.  So what of us who don't care who knows what?
> Since our children are growing up in an era where no one has a reasonable
> expectation of privacy outside our homes, it is not surprising how accepting
> that generation has become.  My son has no real concept of privacy and
> doesn't miss it.  I don't care much; I know that if I ever go to a hotel
> room, that anyone might be watching everything I do with sufficient
> resolution to count the hairs, on my head or anywhere else.  But I am not
> that interesting.  My transactions aren't that interesting.  So I am good
> with it.  Are you?

The trouble with being a non-criminal type is that such people have
little idea of the multitude of methods and objectives of devious

Security cameras (if connected to the internet) become a tool for hackers.

Access to a bank account (even with little money in it) can be used
for identity theft and other financial scams that take place before
the account is updated.

Not caring about privacy or security just makes you an easy target.
The younger generation are sheep waiting to be shorn.


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