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> While I myself have not observed it, others have - indirectly, but
> there is nonzero evidence that it exists, and the contrary theory
> (that the Earth is hollow) is not the case.

### What do you mean by "nonzero evidence"? Did somebody go down to the
middle of the Earth and check?

No, that would be direct evidence.

How is the "indirect" evidence about Earth's center qualitatively different
from inference about MWI?

Because the alternate explanations to MWI aren't testable.  It may seem
unlikely that all the other worlds don't exist - but there is nothing
observable that definitely would or would not be true if it just so
happened that, for whatever reason, only the set of quantum choices that
happen in the world we wind up in are the ones that happen.

(Remember, it seems just as unlikely - to many people who are not on our
email list - that God doesn't exist and won't consign them to eternal
damnation and torment - after they die and are thus unable to report
results to the living - if they don't do what their local priest says, no
matter if that priest preaches things in direct contradiction to the book
that priest claims lays out the details of what God wants.)

Conversely, if the Earth were hollow, echoes of quakes and sonograms would
turn out measurably differently than they have, among other experimental
data.  The Earth being hollow or not is a testable, and much tested,
prediction even without directly visiting the Earth's core.

This is quite distinct from observing beings with soul or free will,
> as opposed to observing beings who merely think they have free will.

### We are talking about MWI here, not religion.

It's philosophy, perhaps.  But it isn't science.
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