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On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 3:56 PM, Stathis Papaioannou <stathisp at gmail.com>
> In a multiverse any structure, including a brain, will be duplicated to an
> arbitrary level of precision.

### The argument I build is not designed to rely on MWI. I am asking
whether digital zombies are possible, using identity of indiscernibles as a
part of the argument.


> Moreover, the Bekenstein bound puts an upper limit on the amount of
> information that can be contained in a given volume, so both biological
> brains and digital computers can only have a finite number of thoughts.

### Indeed, this could be an important issue. If our analog brains are in
fact just digital brains at higher resolution, then there may not be a
binary distinction between them but it could be a continuum. Or there might
be no real difference but then we still have the counterintuitive situation
of having to treat identical mathematical objects as discernible entities.

QM gurus are hereby invited to say more about the dimensionality of the QM
state space - does it allow for an infinite number of interactions as time
goes to infinity? Does a particle in QM become entangled with an infinity
of other particles? Does an analog brain's interaction with the world
require infinite amounts of information to be specified as time progresses?

I know, you actually have the opposite intuition, treating even physically
distinct minds as indiscernible, and you treat multiple similar but
physically separate minds as equal in value to a single mind. For me this
is a very surprising intuition.

> Yes, it's the same for them so it's the same for me. If the copies start
> to diverge, they will then be different individuals with their own distinct
> suffering.

### If you have twin brothers, is torturing both only as bad as torturing

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