[ExI] Young USA men already moving to virtual reality

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>>... Food is cheap; living with your parents is cheap; computer games are
cheap. Why work? ...
Then again, good games do bring happiness. Joblessness is usually a reliable
predictor of misery, yet men under 30 are far less likely to be unhappy than
in the early 2000s. ...

BillK, over here in the states in the last few years, the Federal government
has expanded our defacto assured minimal income program in the form of food
stamps: a credit card a prole can use in grocery stores.

The existence of all-consuming video gaming is the politician's best friend:
it helps reduce unemployment rates.  Reasoning: unemployment in the US is
calculated based on how many job seekers fail to find employment.  If a
young gamer is not seeking a job, she does not count in the unemployment
rate.  While the gaming increases actual unemployment, it simultaneously
decreases unemployment rates.  

Our societal attempt to relieve hunger enables young gamers to occupy
themselves slaying virtual zombies, which creates actual zombies, increasing
unemployment while simultaneously decreasing unemployment rates.

Indeed day is night.  Even Orwell didn't foresee this.


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