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>… WHY do you keep bringing it up?  What are you trying to accomplish?  …


We can make a discussion relevant by always going meta.  This requires no actual names, but only concepts.


For instance, an interesting and relevant discussion on this topic, appropriate here, is that we clearly entered an age of information warfare.  We were talking about information warfare in this forum 20 yrs ago.  That mechanism managed to get the US into a cold civil war that rages to this day, hotter than it did in the 1960s when we had an actual underlying cause (the war in Vietnam.)


Now we are in a kind of weird time: when we don’t really have the legal infrastructure to determine if it is an actual crime to set up a website or a GoFundMe claiming to be raising money to dig up dirt on one candidate or another, then not actually doing anything other than pocketing the money.  It looks to me like whoever does that can claim the website itself does what it claims it is doing, with no further effort required.


The same person could offer negative information against both mainstream parties.  Then if called out, they could legitimately claim to be promoting a third party, opposed to both (or all the others) such as the spike party, hoping to promote spike-ism and lead others to more spikely behavior.


Is there anything fraudulent about that?  What?




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