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But to offer them 72 virgins or an eternal afterlife was cheap.


Somewhere in this discussion I am looking for the notion that religious people work together well as a team.






>…But the concept of soul had to exist first, right? bill w



Hmmm, not necessarily.  There are some modern forms of religion that do not have the concept of a soul or a spirit.  Example: Seventh Day Adventist.  The teaching is that in some future time, humans who faithfully donate money to the Seventh Day Adventists, plus a smattering of others, will be recreated out of atoms in a matter and energy world.  After death and before that future even, they “exist” as a memory (God’s) so one might say they have a dormant software phase, followed by a subsequent re-hardwared eternity.


It is possible the old-timers went the same route: promising their soldiers there would be a literal physical resurrection, along with all those beautiful girls (you brave young men will be eternal Hugh Hefners (oh my, where’s my sword…))  Could be the whole notion of a soul was an after-thought, perhaps invented by the Essenes (notice the Old Testament doesn’t really have that soul business in there.)  





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