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Tue Dec 29 05:00:46 UTC 2020

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> This conflates nationalism with these other things.

>...Reread what I actually wrote. I didn’t say nationalism was those things, but that it’s used to justify them...

It doesn't justify them.  These things you listed cannot be justified, so it cannot legitimately be conflated with nationalism.

>... Do you agree it’s one of the strongest means?) 

I disagree.  Nationalism cannot be used to justify atrocities of any kind.  Atrocities cannot be justified.

>...Easy. Once you start with the premise that those inside the nation are above those outside...

Nationalism doesn't start out with that premise.  The premise you suggested could lead to atrocities.

>...Again, funny how folks who claim to be libertarians have no problem bowing to the entitlement programs argument to curtail freedom. Would you, again, be willing to curtain gun rights as long as there are medical entitlements? ...

Gun rights are human rights.  It is based on the human right to lethal self-defense.  Entitlements came later.  Those two cannot be conflated.  Conflating those two leads to violations of human rights.


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