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Tuning is a funny thing.  While at MIssissippi College I met a Choctaw
chief who had led a high school band for many years before retirement.  He
could tune any instrument, of course, but he could not match a pitch with
his voice.  It sounded awful.  As for you, try a set of expensive
headphones at a shop.  You might be surprised.  Or you might have high
frequency hearing loss like I do.  Then you just turn up the treble.
 Males lose the treble far sooner than females, for probably some
evolutionary reason involving babies.  bill w

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> On 2020-10-01 11:51, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> > p.s. - I have a great and wonderful stereo system costing many thousands
> > of dollars. I do wonder if the kids now listening to iPods with earbuds
> > have any knowledge of just how music can sound if you have true bass
> > (15"" woofers) and very high fidelity (way, way past compressed MP3
> > files).  Since I have hearing aids in both ears I cannot find out what
> > they are hearing.  Probably the only time they get to hear good sound is
> > in movie theaters.
> Once upon a time I was interested in musical tuning.  I even invented a
> theoretical improvement on quarter-comma meantone, but lacked the skill
> to try it out.
> Later I found that I have a tin ear for that sort of thing.  Can't even
> tune a guitar by ear, because the differences in color between strings
> drown out the differences in pitch.
> So I assume "good" audio would be wasted on me.
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