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>>…We are thinky types, not huggy types  spike


>…I noticed it early in life:  when we arrived at my relatives' house for Xmas there were A frame hugs:  you stand about two feet apart, lean forward, give a quick two pats on the back.  …  Does having adequate personal space go along with being cold?  bill w


I have been to social gatherings of the thinky types: ExI, Foresight Institute, Mensa, Futurist this and that, the math crowd, Science Olympiad parents, Singularity Institute, the Nerdvana Geekfest at Stanford on 1 April 2000 (oh what a time that was.)  Those kinds of social gatherings are my style.  


I have been to a few… what would you call them… normal parties?  Every time I hafta go to a normal party, I am so squicked!  People there are so touchy feely, and that whole air kiss on the cheek business, eeewwwww run away!  I want to flee!  Zoom has been such a gift: now I can go to normal parties without anyone trying to touch me.  Granted I don’t actually want to go to normal parties, but I can without people touching me.  I can still make proles laugh over the phone.  Of course it is derisive laughter, but hey, so long as they laugh.



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