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When you say 'prole', would you not like the same protections to apply to
you as well?  Might you not fall soon too?

I get the prole term for the general proletariat but I don't get it in this
situation.  Couldn't that happen to anyone?  And you as well?

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> I have friends who celebrated their 72nd anniversary.  2020 was a bad
> year for him, not because of covid but because he took a fall, broke a
> piece off his pelvis.  They doped him up to manage the pain and that healed
> but he took another fall, splatted face first, broke his sternum and two
> ribs (oooowwww damn.)  That healed OK but he took a third fall.  This time
> he didn’t break anything: he landed in the shrubbery.
> Hmmmm, OK, when you really just hafta fall, arrange to fall into the
> bushes.
> Then it occurred to me: we have airbags in our Detroits, and the package
> isn’t that big or heavy.  Perhaps we could rig up a special coat and
> trousers with airbags in there: a prole starts to take a dive, sensors such
> as angular accelerometers recognize something is up and on the way down,
> whooomp he makes a soft (even if undignified) landing.  I would really like
> to see this couple make it to their 75th.
> spike
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