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>.Owww, damn, I learned nothing.  My own biases have been confirmed, even
though I struggled to overpower my own confirmation bias.   spike



Then it occurred to me: I have an advantage on that insight.  We have a lot
of Asian friends around here, some of whom eat durian.  We went over next
door to discuss neighborhood matters.  The smell nearly knocked me to my
knees (oh mercy.)  I didn't go in, nor did I invite her into my house
smelling like that.  She figured out what was up, suggested we talk outside.
Once in the great outdoors, we spoke for about 10 minutes.  Outdoors, no
problem: I could scarcely smell that vile substance, an odor so foul, one
must make a conscious decision whether to inhale the wretched fumes or just
suffocate and be done with it all forever.


Perhaps others are not so lucky as to have friends who are durian devourers,
so they might lack the insight provided by that breathtaking experience.




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