[ExI] Immaculate Election

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Tue Jan 12 05:59:42 UTC 2021

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Immaculate Election

Quoting Spike:

> Stuart, this can be fixed.  It isn't even hard to do.  It remains to 
> be seen if the necessary changes will be made, and if not, who is blocking
> spike

>...I think a class-action lawsuit against Diebold et al on behalf of the
American people would do wonders ...

>...Whereas any actual fraud would be apt to use backdoors or zero day
exploits that would most likely be known to the developers and vendors,
again making them liable. Plus suing the developers and vendors of the
machines themselves might flush out any other culprits based on who moves to

>...Stuart LaForge

Thanks for that Stuart, but I must emphatically disagree.  Regardless of how
reliable these machines are, absolutely regardless, they create the
appearance of impropriety.  That in itself is bad enough, but the plain fact
is we do not need these machines.  We don't need em at all.  We pay a
terrible price for having them, but the advantages are elusive.  We can have
voting machines that do nothing but print out paper ballots, with no
internet connection, no counting mechanism, none of that, it is just a
sophisticated printer full stop.

Without voting machines we will not know who won the election that night.
With voting machines we will not know who won the election ever.


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