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> The main argument against the USA issuing national ID is that Americans
> have
> the right to privacy encoded in the constitution, article 4.

How would an ID violate privacy?

> An alternative would be face recognition technology and other biometric
> identification.  Since humans already do that, I don't see why it should be
> illegal to automate it.

That would have serious privacy implications.

> Our justice system sacrifices speed for public trust, which is why trials
> take so long but we trust the outcome.

It's often too slow and many of us don't trust the outcomes.

> Our election system sacrifices
> public trust for speed, which is why election results are fast but we
> distrust the outcome.

It's OK to distrust the outcome if there's evidence of a problem. Every
challenge to the 2020 election was thrown out of court because of the lack
of evidence.

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