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Reprehensible beasts are cats, vicious predators, merciless.  Dogs just
like to be with their peeps.  spike
  Granted that they are killers, they are a lot of fun, and not only as
kittens (always get two; they are hilarious together).  In those very rare
times I have been without a cat I immediately went and got a couple.  Almost
all of them are introverted, like me.  So I leave them alone most of the
time and they leave me alone most of the time.  Every cat I have ever had
had a distinct personality - more than dogs I would say.  We call them
pets.  I do like to pet them and make them purr.  I do like to give them
people tuna (only once a week - the proteins are too strong for their
kidneys if eaten
too often).  "They are just substitute children."  That person does not
have a clue as to how much you
can love a cat.  Of course in my case, I would love goats, weasels and more
(no snakes - too cold).

And if you think that dogs are not killers, just starve one and see the
edible population of the neigh-
borhood diminish rapidly.  But, you say, even well-fed cats will kill.
True - just doing their job and getting some different protein.  My cats
are older and usually bring their prey into the house (often
moles) and hardly ever eat them. - just to play with.  Occasionally we find
remains behind the sofa, sometimes we have a mad chase around the house,
with the cats watching curiously (do we think we are cats?), and manage to
catch a few  They did hide though when we were chasing a possum.   bill w

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> > Cats do play that game!  It just takes a little bit of training to get
> > them used to the harness.
> > Loads of videos.........
> > <https://duckduckgo.com/?q=taking+cats+for+a+walk&t=ffab&atb=v154-1&ia
> > r=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos>
> >
> > (And you have to put up with all the strange looks you get).   :)
> >
> > BillK
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> >...But the project of 'Guide cats for the blind'  was a bit of a disaster.
> :)
> BillK
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> Think of all the different jobs humans have found for dogs: search and
> rescue, varmint control, guide, pulling sleds, tracking, military, herding
> sheep, guard, guiding the blind, catching frisbees, police, racing,
> hunting,
> emotional support, drug detection, of course companionship and endless
> entertainment, and that's just the things I can think of easily.
> What the heck have we been able to get cats to actually do for us?
> Catching
> mice and companionship (after a tepid fashion (when they are in the mood.))
> They do catch mice which is certainly useful but one gets the feeling their
> motive is not to benefit the kibble-suppliers, to which they appear mostly
> indifferent.  Rather they do that single useful activity only because it
> allows them to play their favorite game: Kill Something.
> My apologies cat-lovers.  I completely understand: dogs don't generally do
> so well indoors, but cats do.  A cat is better than the other choices if
> one
> wishes another life form in the home and one does not care for yappy little
> lap dogs.
> spike
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