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Adrian there’s something on which I can always count on with you: clarification.  You have a talent for reducing a matter to the simplest terms, but not simpler.


>… It is a talent that I have cultivated since I was a grade schooler.  At the time, the ability to reduce complex concepts to simple components (so as to explain it to myself; I had not yet fully grasped the utility of using it to help others) seemed like a superpower.  I called it "Maker's Eye"… Adrian



Adrian I don’t recall if you were one of the guys who were playing Ideas Futures back in the 90s, but if so, you might recall how seriously we took it.  When later Robin Hanson’s version was kinda replaced by real money ideas futures, we somehow really didn’t take it as seriously.  Then it was only money.  But when it was play money, it was a contest, and the profit/loss sheet was our score.  Those of us who were playing it played hard.


It has been fun to read up on all the varying opinions.  Some were arguing this was a classic short squeeze, others are still claiming there were more outstanding shorts than available shares (some are claiming 140% but I haven’t seen proof.)


Robin Hanson understood the attitudes of play-money Ideas Futures player, and recognized a fundamental that apparently Robinhood didn’t get: you don’t mess with the market.  If there are crazy swings, well… supply and demand.  Stay out of the way of the Adam Smith’s invisible hand, lest it swat you one.







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