[ExI] Optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors

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>  Strongest methods of effing the ineffable, if achieved this will falsify
> your bleating claims that we can't eff the ineffable.

I will try to help:

Stop using this expression.  You can't "eff the ineffible."  There is no
verb 'to eff'

Ineffible is literally defined as not possible to define or explain.
 Every time you use this expression,  you undermine any credibility you
might have had.

Fwiw, refering to people's point as "bleating claim" is also likening them
to mindless sheep's 'bleating' - which does not endear them to further

You lose your audience by using words in weird/nonstandard ways. You lose
your audience by insulting/offending them (either calling their effort
'bleating' or calling out their 'blindness' - which I know you don't
intend,  but also don't seem to grasp how/why my advice to you is to be
more aware)

I have taken shots at your repeated use of "ineffable redness of red" with
'fiveness of five' and 'breadness of bread' - I'm hopeful you take this in
the spirit I meant.

I really would like to believe I have some insight into how my own
perception works... but I humbly admit I don't know.

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