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Mon Apr 9 02:51:29 UTC 2007

There are two types of children in LDS philosophy of life.  There are 
"spirit" children of God, and physical children of our earthly parents.  
You are confusing the two and this all fits in with what LDS believe we 
are.  There is some kind of self existent, eternal "intelligence" that 
is some how implanted into a "spirit" child of God, when God 
(pro?)creates them (with many plural godly wives that were also on this 
world with us.).  This combo has a "pre existance" life in the "spirit 
world" with these Godly parents.  Then this combo is joined with a 
physical body as earthly parents procreate and raise a human on a 
physical earth.  "Gaining a body", and going through all these trials 
and suffering is a necessary part of becoming a God.

IF you succeed at this and become God, then you get to (pro?)create your 
own spirit children, and create a world to "send them to" to "gain" 
physical bodies of their own and so on.  I claim that if you listen to 
the way Mormons preach in church, if you create a world that isn't quite 
as miserable as this one, full of crucification, races of your children 
torturing and completely wiping out others,  your children, or at least 
the ones that make it, won't be quite as good Gods as we here on this 
full of misery earth will surely become.  In other words, they all seem 
to believe that the worse things are the better, and that without many 
failing and being damned, how will you know the few good ones are really 

So what Mormons call "God's plan of happiness" is, I claim, really an 
eternal damnation of eternally creating the most damnable world possible 
to subject your spirit children to, while you eternally watch all your 
spirit children, as you hide from them, disobey you, torture each other, 
wipe out entire races, crucify "your only begotten son" for some 
incomprehensible necessity and so on, just like our God has done for us, 
his spirit children on this world.

But of course, atheist extropians can hope that evil isn't necessary, 
nor all that hard to overcome.  And that it will soon be completely 
overcome, long before we are anything close to being "omnipotent".  And 
this eternal Godly life, after this singularity that is absent of 
isolation, death and other such evils, does indeed make the LDS view 
like an impotent eternal worshiping and wallowing in misery damnation in 

So as you can see, I am proud to be a "cultural Mormoan" and have many 
similar values to them.  But on most of their core doctrine, I am 
completely in disagreement with them.

Brent Allsop

The Avantguardian wrote:
> --- Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>> I was under the impression that each Morman adult
>> man who made the 
>> grade got to have a planet of his own, where he'd
>> take his wife/wives 
>> and kids to be god-king (or something). That's
>> somewhat hinted at in 
>> your response. I don't quite see how the kids get
>> included since 
>> presumably they grow up and go to planets of their
>> own.
> Well if that's the case, the difference between
> Mormonism and Ascensionism is that in the latter you
> don't have to die first and God doesn't want to be
> bothered by you all any more. ;)
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