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Tue Mar 13 12:04:24 UTC 2012

On 12 March 2012 21:49, The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/nationworld/la-na-nn-pink-slime-20120309,0,1666063.story
> Since many here were discussing food issues including tissue-cultured
> meat, I thought I would bring up so-called pink slime.

There is more to meat than dry-aged beef tenderloin. Not only animal
proteins are good even when they do not come from prime cuts, all other
things being equal, but gastronomically it has been a loss that so much of
modern cuisine tends to ignore ever larger parts of the animal and an ever
larger number of animals.

Stefano Vaj
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