[ExI] Who are the libertarians?

Eugenio Martínez rolandodegilead at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 01:43:47 UTC 2013

> Hmmm... so what does that make us here who think that Locke and Hayek were
> roughly right, that individuals should be in charge of their own lives,
> collectives do not have any moral value in themselves, and that governments
> are dangerous imperfect tools that should be used (carefully) only for the
> purposes to which they are suited?

I think that a clarification is needed.

I am thinking on the liberalism from Europe (The neocon or
ultracapitalist), which is absolutely incompatible and that is not the same
that the neocons in USA. A paradigmatic example:

A journalist who writes for Libertad Digital, one of the many newspapers
owned by Popular Party supporters says "Child prostitutes don´t like their
jobs, but nobody likes it".

They supports things like hired murderers  and fight for leave no rights to
the people without money if they are not able to pay: No health services at
all, not education at all. They don´t want to pay any tax, so roads,
police, tax, army etc are payed by each one.
No cooperation, no laws no society.

Is this liberalism? Is what selfstyled liberal in Europe/Spain call
Is this humanism? Not at all. Just radical anarchism where you have right
to live if you can defend yourself.

Sorry for my english
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