[ExI] ?What would ?Kim Jong-un? do??

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Wed May 2 02:25:22 UTC 2018

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 8:32 PM, <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

 > Regardless of what even the majority wants, the constitution is still
the law.

​But the constitution is not a law of physics, it can be violated. ​

​And is anybody is ever going to make himself king its going to be somebody
like Trump.​

> ​> ​
> *There is no redo mechanism in the constitution,*

​But if Trump doesn't win in 2020 I can see him insisting we're going to
have a redo election anyway under new election laws invented by him that he
claims will make it more honest. I don't know if he will get away with it
but I think he will try, and it might work, if so it wouldn't be the first
time a democratic republic became a dictatorship. And can anyone really
doubt Trump would love that?

> *​> ​We saw Rogue One.  We know it can be done, we know there is enormous
> motive.  So what can we do?*

It seems to be harder to fake audio than video, so far nobody had made a
movie where a character's dialog comes from a speech synthesizer, so that
should give us a few years of breathing space. Perhaps we need to start
putting a cryptography time stamp in-camera on all video shot, although I'm
not sure how exactly that would work and may not be practical.

John K Clark
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