[ExI] ?What would ?Kim Jong-un? do??

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 > Regardless of what even the majority wants, the constitution is still the law.


​>…But the constitution is not a law of physics, it can be violated…


Sure, if you win the civil war.  I wouldn’t bet on anyone’s odds, since they would be up against those who hold that document as sacred as a law of physics, and we are a well-armed militia.  The constitution is what gives a president authority in the first place.



​>…And is anybody is ever going to make himself king its going to be somebody like Trump…


John, keep in mind the founders specifically designed the constitution to prevent someone from making himself king.  They understood that well, having lived in an era where kings really did run the show.  They didn’t want one.  So… they put in place a system that specifically prevents that.  They did a marvelous job.



​> ​>…There is no redo mechanism in the constitution,


​>…But if Trump doesn't win in 2020 I can see him insisting we're going to have a redo election anyway…


He can insist all he wants, but there is no legal mechanism to make that happen.  The court swears in the rival, right on schedule, the marines come in and haul away whoever refuses to leave.  The soldiers took an oath to the constitution, not the guy who wants to call himself president.


There is a reason why this has never happened, and it isn’t that we didn’t have megalomaniacs in that office before now.  They didn’t declare themselves dictator for life, not because they didn’t want to be, but because they couldn’t, after the one time it almost happened, 1932-1945.



​> ​>…We saw Rogue One.  We know it can be done, we know there is enormous motive.  So what can we do?


>…It seems to be harder to fake audio than video, so far nobody had made a movie where a character's dialog comes from a speech synthesizer, so that should give us a few years of breathing space. Perhaps we need to start putting a cryptography time stamp in-camera on all video shot, although I'm not sure how exactly that would work and may not be practical.  John K Clark


Ja, but in the meantime, a Rogue One Tarkin scene could still convince plenty of voters, enough to flip an election.  There is both a means and a motive, plenty of motive.  So… it will be done.  I don’t even know how we could stop it, particularly if it is done by a foreign national and is not traceable.




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