[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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> Anger helps the cortisol flow, which energizes muscles etc. for fight or
> flight-  in other words, it helps in the immediate danger situation.

Yes, anger should be rare these days, but it's on the rise as people like
John become rage addicts.

To me it's like a craving for salt or fat:  helpful in our earlier
> evolutionary history, but bad for us now.

Both dietary salt and fat are critical for optimal health. To little salt
is as bad as too much, if not worse. The fats we consume the most, seed
oils, are highly inflammatory and contribute to countless illnesses that
were rare a hundred years ago. Where the modern diet runs into trouble is
hyperpalatable and hyperavailable processed foods accompanied by a
sedentary lifestyle and the stresses of modern life, including sleep
deprivation and rage addiction.

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