[ExI] Cosmic discrepancy evidence of quantum gravity?

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Measurements from Earth orbit alone won't solve this.  We need
observatories elsewhere in our solar system.

Which isn't going to be affordable until we actually make serious projects
of getting the cost of launch down - which means not surrendering that
money to contractors intending to soak up all the funding precisely to
prevent this from happening.  If that means funding a bunch of different
projects, with no one prime contractor allowed to participate in more than
one, just to prevent any one contractor from getting all the money, so be
it.  (Yes, I am pointing out the SLS as a non-serious option, despite what
its senior government boosters claim.  I point to the evidence of cost and
schedule slippage, and the high cost per launch even if it concludes, and
how it is crowding out - politically more than financially, but still - a
lot of other projects NASA would like to pursue that would have far more
impact, as evidence.)
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