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> In the present however, I am displeased about the instances where an
> activist trans-sexual ideology results in harm to children. There have been
> cases where deranged parents, often single parents, collaborated with
> unethical physicians and psychiatrists to mutilate children, often boys,
> first by pressuring or manipulating them to express a desire for sex
> change, and then proceeding to perform irreversible surgeries, including
> castration.

Adrian replied: Do you have literally any documented evidence of this?  There are a number
of people who make up claims like this, wholesale, and trick others into
believing them - but every time I've seen claims like this investigated,
the alleged evil either did not happen, or was extremely different than was

I'm not saying you're lying.  I'm saying that your language fits the
pattern of someone who has been duped into believing one of these tales, so
hard evidence would be needed to believe what you're saying here.

And here's my reply (which I don't know how many of you will see, as extropy-chat tends to eat replies from yahoo) Here in the UK we have a charity called Mermaids that supports children with gender dysphoria and its families. It has attracted headlines for its approach, it has quite a big media profile and in turn has attracted a lot of criticism from people concerned about Mermaids. Things got so heated that a judge had to ban its chief executive Susie Green and catholic journalist Caroline Farrow from mentioning each other by name on Twitter.
Susie Green took her child to the US to get hormone treatments at an age below that allowed in the UK. She also took her child to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16, which is two years below the legal limit in the UK. This case was sufficiently controversial that Thailand promptly brought in new laws to prevent under 18s having this surgery and requiring 18-20 year olds to have parental consent.
Here's an article hosted by Forbes written from an anti-Mermaids perspective that gives plenty of links for its assertions:Pseudo-Scientific Hokum And The Experimentation On Children's Bodies

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Pseudo-Scientific Hokum And The Experimentation On Children's Bodies

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