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> *Someone in an earlier post, said that he was their favorite
> philosopher.  I see in a recent Aeon article that he thinks consciousness
> is an illusion*

The question I'd love to ask Mr.Chalmers is, how would things be different
if consciousness were NOT an illusion?

> *and is a dualist.*

I'm not so interested in that, I'm not big into dangerous sports and know
little about swords or pistols.

*> In the same article it seems that the terms 'sensation and perception'
> are no longer used, in favor of 'access consciousness' and 'phenomenal
> consciousness'.  How are these terms any improvement*

They aren't.

 > *other than to get further away from the common person's understanding?
> ("Have to be esoteric or people will think we are full of shit."  which
> possibly they are)*

Of course they're full of shit that's why philosophers love to talk about
consciousness but rarely talk about intelligence. It's really really hard
to come up with a good intelligence theory and really easy to tell if it's
full of shit or not, but the exact opposite is true when it comes to
consciousness theories; it's easy for anybody to come up with one in two
seconds because there are no facts it must fit, and therefore there is no
way to prove the idea is full of shit which is a very good thing if you
really are full of shit.

 John K Clark
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