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All good points about “access consciousness” vs “sensation” and “AI” vs
“AGI”.  That’s why at Canonizer.com we always work to build and track the
current consensus around the best terms to use, and we use whatever that
is.  Also, many terms like “red” and “access” are problematic because they
are ambiguous.  You can’t tell if ‘red’ is a label for the physical
properties of a target of perception, like a strawberry, or knowledge of
the same, the final result of perception.  So, we define two words: “red”
for the initial and “redness” for the final.  Currently AI is very narrow,
not general.  So, in at least in some cases, you need two words so one can
distinguish between these two.

Finally, with Access, you can’t tell if Ned Block or others are talking
about having immediate conscious awareness access to something, like
redness, as a quality of knowledge of a strawberry.  Or are they referring
to any of the near infinite memories and things like “red is a warm color”,
and the name “red, or anything else one has “access” to.  You obviously
aren’t thinking of all of these at once, though you have access to, or an
ability to bring them all into the phenomenal computationally bound CPU
system that is conscious awareness.

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>> My pet peeve is the move to change the term for a smart computer from AI
>> to AGI. Everybody knows what AI means but if somebody uses a unfamiliar
>> term like AGI you may think they're talking about Adjusted Gross Income and
>> become hopelessly confused and wonder what the hell that has to do with the
>> future of computing.
> You're still on about that?
> This is silly as arguing they shouldn't be called "devices" because
> they're already called "phones" (or "cell phones" for those dinosaurs) -
> yeah, they're in the same family but the distinction evolved because there
> is some nuance the old moniker fails to capture.   In the phone/ device
> example you probably didn't have a browser or games/apps on your "flip
> phone" but those are assumed features of your "device" (which also includes
> tablets/etc/ whatever)
> You are also smart enough to use context to know machine learning nerds
> aren't discussing Adjusted Gross Income. Even if you aren't familiar with
> an acronym,  you can educate yourself on the meaning and context in far
> less effort than it takes to contain about how one word has always been
> sufficient for your discussion on the topic so there is no need to adopt
> new.
> Now, you did refer to it as a peeve so maybe you don't feel as strongly
> about it as all that... but I've often wondered why you dig your heels in
> there and not in so many other language developments in other domains.
> *shrug* y'know?
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