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*> I don't understand what psi means besides some kind of phenomenon not
> described by science, in which case they will of course never be published
> in Nature, because Nature is for phenomena that have been scientifically
> verified.*

That's just silly. 20 years ago Nature published an article proving that a
certain phenomenon existed, the acceleration of the universe, at the time
nobody could explain how it worked or why, and they can't do it even today,
but the evidence the phenomenon existed was overwhelming so they were
delighted to publish it and would do the same for psi except for the fact
that the evidence for it stinks to high heaven. I don't demand a article
that explains how psi works, I just want an article that shows that there
is something that needs explaining.

> *I don't think John can even explain what he is saying won't be published
> in nature. *

I'm saying that evidence for the existence of mind reading or foretelling
the future or telekinesis or remote viewing or talking with the dead will
not be published. There are lots of mysteries in science and Nature would
love to publish reports of a new one if the evidence was good.

> > *It seems like a very nebulous statement.*

It's binary, such a article will either be published or it won't. That's
about as un-nebulous as you can get.

John K Clark

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