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> Could anyone who feels the desire to use the term 'militant
> atheist/atheism', please at least read this before they do so?
> https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Militant_atheism
> In particular, the part about the term promoting a double-standard?
> Derogation is fair enough, but I do object to misrepresentation.
> Being outspoken is not militancy. If it were, every church and religious
> apologist would be a militant, and it would be more difficult to
> distinguish between people who talk a lot about their convictions, and
> people who shoot (and bomb, and behead, etc.) a lot about them.

### I used the "militant atheism" term at the risk of being misunderstood
but I am most definitely not referring to Mssrs Dawkins et al. here. For me
militant atheists are Russian Communists who blew up the Great Sobor and
killed priests, and the Chicoms who persecute Christians, Muslims and just
about everybody else, and some US officials who abuse their power to force
various modern social fads on the rest of us.

Oh, I just read the article you linked to and looks like I am using the
term correctly.

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