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> >You [Ben] asked:
> “Now why on earth would the experience of redness suddenly become the
> experience of greenness? *How* could it?”
> By simply inverting the red green signal anywhere in the causal chain of
> events that is perception as proven can be done here
> <https://canonizer.com/videos/consciousness/>

You keep saying that but I don't know what you think has been proven. As
long as the inversion was done consistently and included memories (so ripe
strawberries and leaves don't suddenly have the same color) then there
would be no way you could even notice subjectively that a change of some
sort had been made. And there is no way I could see any change in your
objective behavior either. So if whatever you're talking about produces no
subjective change, and no objective change in behavior, then whatever
change you're talking about is not important to either.

 John K Clark
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