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> *Stathis always claims you can substitute any "substrate" with another
> substrate that is different, yet it still "behaves" stays the same.*

I don't understand your use of quotation marks but because it involves
behavior science can demonstrate that what Stathis says is 100% correct. A
computer with a semiconductor substrate and a computer with a vacuum tube
substrate both have the same behavior when they add 2+2, they both print

> *> I"m just pointing out that if this is the fact, the substitution of
> qualia isn't happening here.*

But the qualia have not been substituted!  As I've said over and over, as
long as the change was consistent you'd have no way of consciously knowing
that a change had even been made. Yes some chemical reactions will have
changed but chemicals are not conscious (probably) and a qualia that
doesn't involve consciousness is not a qualia.

John K Clark
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