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> Hi Stathis,
> Yes, you take this as me contradicting what you and I are saying.
> I describe your model, in a way that you agree is complete.  Then I try to
> point out the inconsistencies in that model, in hopes that you will realize
> that maybe we should think about it in a different way.  When you take what
> I am saying, and map it into your model, it becomes “the replacement part
> must be the same, then you say that the observable behavior would not
> necessarily be the same”  This is a complete misinterpretation of what
> I’m trying to say.  This is only twisting what I’m trying to say into your
> model.  If you could understand my model, you would see that I’m not saying
> anything even remotely close to what you think I am saying.
> Try a model where knowledge of reality is different than reality, a model
> in which there are real colors, which we can be directly aware of.  A model
> in which these real colors are the objectively observable initial causes of
> us saying: “That is red”.  Try a model where it is the factual color that
> is important, not what we are reporting it to be.  If you do this, you will
> discover that I am trying to say something very different than what you
> think I am saying.

The “factual colour” cannot cause a physical change without the application
of a physical force. The same physical change could be effected using a
different physical force; it’s just a question of pushing or pulling
objects in a particular way. Therefore, the “factual colour” cannot be
substrate or physics specific.

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Stathis Papaioannou
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