[ExI] Non-locality of conscious observers implies panpsychism without omniscience

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* > Imagine a conscious observer. Now notice that while a
> conscious observer must have some none-zero rest mass, it is at all times
> at rest with respect to itself by definition of its own frame of reference.
> Consequently, its velocity and therefore momentum relative to itself is
> zero.*

But that isn't unique to consciousness that's true of everything, the
velocity of a billiard ball relative to itself is also zero.

*> This means that the uncertainty in the conscious observer's momentum is
> also zero.*

The thing that is producing consciousness (a brain or a computer) may have
a momentum but consciousness itself does not anymore than the number
"eleven" or the adjective "fast" does. And if the position of your
consciousness is at the Great Wall Of China its only because you happen to
be thinking about the Great Wall Of China at that moment, and if instead
you're thinking about the number eleven then your consciousness would have
no position at all because eleven has no position.

> *Since by the quantum mechanics of  wave functions and Heisenberg
> uncertainty, zero uncertainty in your  momentum is equivalent to infinite
> uncertainty in your position,*

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle only works for nouns, that is to say
stuff made of fermions or bosons, it doesn't work for adjectives or verbs.

John K Clark
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