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*> your second point, to wit: And all biological systems, active or not,
> are made of atoms, and the position and momentum of those atoms are the
> initial conditions. That is true but incomplete. All biological systems are
> made of atoms AND are also their behaviour*

Animals move, so their behavior at the most fundamental layer can be
described as how atoms change their position and momentum with time;
although it's usually more convenient to think about such things not at the
fundamental layer but at a higher level.

> > *as the system evolves,*

Before stuff can evolve you need some stuff, and stuff is made of atoms.

*> becomes defined by unique hierarchical information, as I've previously
> stated ad nauseum,*

A hierarchy that always returns to atoms and their momentum when you get to
the basement fundamental layer. *Always!*

> *and if that isn't clear by now there are writings you can read out
> there,*

I would be willing to bet my life that as long as I stay within the
scientific method I will never ever find any writings "out there" about
recording information in ways that can not be dealt with by Schrodinger's
Wave Equation, and Schrodinger describes the probabilities that particles
will have various positions and momentums.

> *you just cannot measure position AND momentum.*

Sure you can, you can even measure one to infinite precision although if
you do you will have no knowledge at all of the other. It is a fundamental
limitation not just to nanotechnology and electronics but to EVERYTHING,
including biology and all forms of life from viruses to whales to the human
brain. And do you really think ASC has this limitation but  Alcor's current
method somehow manages to avoid it?!

> *A copy of you is not you.*

You are at the instant of creation and will remain that way until THE TWO
OF YOU start forming new memories that are different because THE TWO OF YOU
are in different environments and are seeing different things; and  THE TWO
OF YOU could also diverge because of random quantum fluctuations. But
however far THE TWO OF YOU go your separate ways BOTH OF YOU will have an
equally valid claim to be called Regina.

Sorry for all the capitalization but as I said before personal pronouns
need to be handled as if they are made of nitroglycerin when on this topic.

John K Clark
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