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Hi Rose,

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> I also have described why I believe making a copy is not possible, and
> that a "good enough" copy is not "good enough" if your consciousness cannot
> access it.

I agree with you.  Everything is important to identity to me.  For example,
when I go to sleep at night, then wake up in the morning, there is no
continuity of consciousness.  To me, when I wake up in the morning, because
of the discontinuity of consciousness, I am a bit of a different person,
and I look forward to the day when these types of discontinuity can be
overcome, so all of me can survive, more completely, with more continuity.

What do you think about the idea of a  neural ponytail
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0mAKz7eLRc&t=125s> as portrait in the
movie avatar, which would enable 4 hemispheres of brains to computationally
bind, like 2 hemispheres can.   With such a setup, we could experience all
(or at least as much as you wanted to share) of the feelings,  not just
half of them.  In other words, you would be able to tell things like your
partner's redness is like your grenness, because his conscious knowledge of
the world could be redness/grenness inverted from yours.

Steven Lehar talks about our conscious knowledge as being like diorama in
our brain, representing the world we see.  At the center of this diorama,
is our knowledge of our body, again, representing our real body.  On the
top of this, is our knowledge representing our head.  Finally, inside of
this head is our knowledge of our 'spirit' (or whatever you want to call
it).  It is represented as bing your identity, and is spatially represented
as existing inside of your knowledge of your head, looking out of your
knowledge of your eyes.  Unlike all the other knowledge, this knowledge of
your spirit doesn't have something outside of you brain that it
represents.  But that doesn't change the fact that it is something real,
and objectively discoverable and observable.

If you had a neural ponytail, both of your dioramas could be merged into
representing the space in front and behind you, so you could both be aware
of stuff behind you, and so on, since you could effectively see out your
partners eyes, along with your own.  This could be engineered so your
knowledge of your spirit could have an out of body experience.  It could
leave your knowledge of your head and fly between these two representations
of the space in front of you, and behind you, and so on.  This wold all
work, even if your computationally bound knowledge of the world behind you
was red/green inverted from your knowledge of the world in front of you,
due to the fact that your partner was red/green qualia inverted from you.

I describe this kind of uploading in more detail, in my "1229 Years After
fan fiction story.  Starting in Chapter 5 "Expanding Spirit World".

I would wonder if this type of information, if proven possible via
demonstrable engineering, would at least make uploading to a more advanced
brain/body a little more acceptable, since as you describe it, in this case
your "consciousness could access it"?

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