[Paleopsych] binary nature

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 18:12:06 UTC 2004

Alice says:
>>And/or we can take the more existential, romantic,
transcendental, dualistic route and say, one of human
nature's features is that it is binary.<<

--I think "binary" is the wrong word. Humans, like
everything else in nature, oscillate. We're like the
tides. We go in, we go out. We're expressive, we're
introspective. It's all part of one cycle, not two
separate things but two limits approached alternately
by one function. 

In our culture we tend to believe in willpower, and we
keep trying to say "this is my final position." It
fails, because even if one side of a polarity is held
without wavering, it only increases the intensity of
the opposite swing. Conservatives will be shocked when
they discover their lock on power will only lead to a
more intense anti-conservative (or perhaps
anti-extreme?) backlash later on.


PS: The Wimp Factor

The author of a new and timely book reveals how
American politics is shaped by a cultural definition
of masculinity that is based on disavowing all things


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