[Paleopsych] binary nature:an amusing correlation

Alice Andrews aandrews at hvc.rr.com
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Hair, to me, represents and signifies a certain kind of sexual power and
potency. It transgreses boundaries...Also, sensitivity...
Lenin over Trotsky...I suppose Lenin was more a militaristic manly type...or
harder type..known for his unobtrusive personality...whereas Trotsky, at
least to me, seemed to be more feminine type, more high-drama. (Lips, too,
of course, in this way, are good indication of these types--Trotsky had very
full, sensual lips.)Anyway, hair is unquestionably a reliable indicator, it
would seem, of hormonal balance, and thus a very strong fitness indicator...
Some women's hair (I have friends for whom this is true) doesn't grow very
long (it starts breaking off, they say)...while others grow and grow.
Perhaps a signal of a balance of estrogen and other hormones--even
testostorone/progesterone? While for men, as we all know, the less of it
there is the more testosterone there is, though there is probably a very
complicated pathway at play in terms of the sexes and balance of hormones
that i don't think we quite understand...Also, darker hair probably
indicates more testosterone...lionnesses prefer dark manes to light ones...
Also hair is source of pheromonal communication and thus the less one has,
the less communication is going on at 'nature' level...Less primal/closer to
nature, less chthonic and female and animal; more male and culture--a
domination over nature.
I suspect the less hair, the more novelty -seeking, and
risk-taking...(testosterone again?!). Lenin was quicker to put stuff into
action than Trostky, I think...
I could go on and on with my silly speculations...but I think poor paleo is
not the place for my sillyness...
All best,
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> By the way --
> I think there is an amusing statistical correlation between tolerance of
> cognitive
> dissonance (and of fuzziness) and tolerance of hair.
> Was the victory of Lenin over the Trotskyites a victory of the bald over
> the long hairs?
> And we all know about skinheads and those who move in that direction...
> Admittedly, bearded mullahs often break this correlation.... it's not
> perfect... history
> always adds other factors...
> Another defier of this correlation was Einstein, whom in my view was
> actually intolerant of cognitive dissonance..
> and had an internal struggle between his own nature and his culture... a
> very productive struggle.
> Heisenberg had the same kind of struggle, with opposite signs. Schrodinger
> and DeBroglie I find it easier to empathize with...
> Best,
>     Paul
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