[Paleopsych] binary nature:an amusing correlation

Alice Andrews aandrews at hvc.rr.com
Sun Oct 31 15:06:48 UTC 2004

I wrote that I suspected that the less hair, the more novelty -seeking, and
risk-taking...(testosterone again?!).

but it gets tricky...(hair on head vs. hair on face and body)..facial/body
hair unequivocally signals high testosterone...and both Lenin and T sported
facial hair...

Bye bye,
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> By the way --
> I think there is an amusing statistical correlation between tolerance of
> cognitive
> dissonance (and of fuzziness) and tolerance of hair.
> Was the victory of Lenin over the Trotskyites a victory of the bald over
> the long hairs?
> And we all know about skinheads and those who move in that direction...
> Admittedly, bearded mullahs often break this correlation.... it's not
> perfect... history
> always adds other factors...
> Another defier of this correlation was Einstein, whom in my view was
> actually intolerant of cognitive dissonance..
> and had an internal struggle between his own nature and his culture... a
> very productive struggle.
> Heisenberg had the same kind of struggle, with opposite signs. Schrodinger
> and DeBroglie I find it easier to empathize with...
> Best,
>     Paul
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